Ciao, Venezia.

April 3, 2008 at 7:33 pm 1 comment

I attached the pictures as small thumbnails here on the home page. Venice was just too amazing to post small photos, so click on each one for a larger view.  

Three days roaming Venice yieled over 350 pictures between Andy and I – yes it was that beautiful!!!

It was evening and very overcast when we arrived. And since cars are not allowed in Venice you travel by boat or foot.


These are taken from the boat along the southern coast.


The next morning started gloomy and rainy as well, but the girls didn’t care.

vblog1.jpg There were masks to try on, and pigeons to feed.

vblog14.jpgvblog5.jpg Not shy at all, are they?

Just around the corner we stumbled into the piazza San Marco.  vblog4.jpg

You may recognize some of this from the movie The Italian Job. The girls did, so now they were convinced that they were truely somewhere ‘cool’.

More wandering led to beautiful little streets such as these vblog16.jpg and much gelato! Can there ever be too much gelato? Yum, yum!

And then there were the canals… vblog13.jpg  vblog8.jpg  vblog9.jpg  vblog7.jpg 

And the canals filled with gondolas…  vblog6.jpg

I could have stood here all day and watched the boats glide by.  But there was still more to see.

vblog2.jpg  This is the Grand Canal (largest canal that passes through of Venice) as the sun started to peak out for the first time.

We had dinner at a great little place just down on the right. Sat outside right on the water and ate tons of fabulous pasta while watching the boats go by.

vblog10.jpg  Ciao for now.  Tomorrow I will add more pictures.


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